is your #1 resource for determining what size snowski you need.

How close to my "ideal ski size" do I need?

The results given to you by our ski sizing calculator are a range of about 10cm, to allow you more opportunities to find a well-suited ski for sale. For a beginner or average skier, you will likely not notice the difference between a 155cm ski and a 160cm ski. But as your abilities improve and you are on the ski slopes more and more, you may find that a little longer ski suits you well. Conversely, if you’ve never been on skis in your life, then it may be best to aim for the lower end of your size recommendation.

Should I buy new or used skis?

This one is fairly easy to answer. If you’re in the store (or online) looking at a $750 ski and a $150 ski, both from the same manufacturer, and you can’t tell the difference…buy the used skis. Until you ski often enough to appreciate the nuances of the more expensive skis, those details will likely go unnoticed during your day of skiing. The type of skier that is really in the market for a $750+ new ski will likely use them several times per week, if not every day, during the ski season.

Should I buy shaped skis or straight skis?

If you manage to find a set of straight skis for sale today, you might as well burn your money instead. Unless of course you own an Applebee’s and want to mount the skis up on the wall for a sense of nostalgia. Straight skis are simply a dead technology, liking using a rotary phone instead of a cell phone. As you comb the marketplace, you will likely find that the bulk of skis for sale today are shaped skis. If you’ve never skied on them, you need to try it. If you have skied them, then you’ll likely never go back to straight skis.

Shaped skis are able to offer you the same surface area with a shorter length. That means you maintain the same control at high speeds, but also have maneuverability in lift lines, skiing through the trees, or bouncing off moguls.